Thursday, 21 March 2019
What is a procedure of consideration of requests from citizens?
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According to Article 40 of the Constitution of Ukraine everyone has a right to submit individual or collective written requests or privately apply to the state authorities, local self-governance authorities and to officials of these bodies who are obliged to consider a request and provide the substantiated response within the period established by law.

According to Article 19 of the Law of Ukraine “On Requests of Citizens” the state authorities, local self-governance authorities, enterprises, institutions, organizations irrespective of forms of ownership, associations of citizens, mass media, their managers and other officials, within their competence, should:

Fairly, comprehensively and timely check the requests or complaints;

Make the justified resolution, in case the decision on restriction of access of citizen to the respective information is made when considering the request or complaint;

Upon request of citizen, invite him/her to the meetings of the respective body that considers his/her request or complaint;

Cancel or modify the appealed decisions on the cases stipulated by the Law of Ukraine if they do not comply with the law or other laws, immediately take the actions to terminate the unlawful actions, reveal, remove reasons and conditions, which caused violations;

Ensure renewal of violated rights, real fulfillment of the decisions taken due to request or complaint;

Notify the citizen, in writing about the results of check of the request or complaint and content of the decision taken;

Take actions with regard to reimbursement, under the procedure established by law, the material damage if they were made to citizen as a result of infringement of his rights or legal interests,  resolve the issues on responsibility of persons  through the fault of whom the violation was made, as well as upon request of citizen, not later than within one-month period, inform the local self-governance authority, labour staff or association of citizens at the place of residence of citizen about the decision made;

In case the request or complaint is considered as ungrounded explain the procedure of appealing of decision taken based on such request;

Not allow the ungrounded transfer to other bodies to consider the requests or complaints;

Personally arrange and check the progress of consideration of the requests or complaints of citizens, take actions to remove the reasons, which cause them, systematically analyse and inform the population on progress of this activity.

In case of need and provided that there are necessary capacities a consideration of requests of citizens can be entrusted to the official or division of the staff, who are authorized to perform such work. Such division of the central office is the Public Relations and Mass Media Cooperation Division.

Consideration of written requests of citizens within the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine is entrusted by the Minister to the first deputies, deputies, heads of individual structural divisions of the central office, governmental bodies within the Ministry, regional offices, special divisions and to direct executors.

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