Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Ministry Official Website Privacy Policy

All the properties and non-properties rights to information contained at the official web-site of the Ministry belong to the Ministry and authors of the articles, unless otherwise stated. Information includes all publications at the site - articles, news, blogs, interview, etc.

Free-of-charge use of information contained at the site of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine is permitted upon condition that the article published at the another site should contain link to the official site of the Ministry and notice about the Ministry as the source of information equal to or more than in the second paragraph. For print publication notice should contain text and link to the official site of the Ministry and voice annotation about official site of the Ministry should be made for the use of information by electronic and other kind of MSM.

Use of information means any reproduction, republication, distribution, paraphrasing, translation, including its part to other compositions and any other ways described in the Law of Ukraine “On copyright and neighboring rights”

Any use of information with commercial purposes, republication of the articles or its parts with the purpose of commercial distribution of the right to access to information is strictly prohibited.

In case of violation of any paragraph of these rules Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources reserves the right to protect its rights and interests by filing complaints to the law enforcement agencies and petition to the court.

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