Thursday, 21 March 2019
05 Nov
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It was declared by Svitlana Kolomiets, the Deputy Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine – Chief of Staff, during her report at the 27th Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol (Dubai, the United Arab Emirates).

In particular, she pointed out that, as a Party to the Montreal Protocol, at present Ukraine fully abided by the incurred liabilities relating the volume of ozone depleting chemicals import/export and production, implemented the state policy and took measures focused on reduction of the harmful human-induced impact on the ozone layer. The Ministry of Ecology took all possible measures to ensure effective licensing system operation, assignment of import and export quotas, and generally, control of ozone depleting chemicals circulation.

The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine establishes the inter-agency communication with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade in licensing of ozone depleting chemicals export and import; the appropriate orders have already been submitted for the state registration to the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. On the one hand, this will allow following the international requirements, and, on the other hand, facilitating and lending transparency, as much as possible, to the approval process to obtain corresponding business licenses. Also, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources has developed the Quota Assignment Procedure and Export and Import Approval Procedure relating the Goods that Contain Ozone Depleting Chemicals; today, the draft regulations undergo approval at the State Regulatory Service.

“Signing of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and European Union which includes a comprehensive set of environmental issues demonstrated the commitment of our country to follow high standards in environmental protection, and confirmed willingness of Ukraine to make its positive contribution into the climate and ozone layer conservation,” said Svitlana Kolomiets.

In this area, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine has developed the Draft Law of Ukraine “On Ozone Layer Protection” to implement the provisions of EU Regulation on ozone depleting chemicals. Now the Draft Law is being prepared for submission to the Government`s consideration.

“We hope for the future fruitful cooperation in implementation of the strategy relating the reduction of negative human-induced impact on the ozone layer by implementing the international environmental initiatives and economic systems ecologization,” said the Deputy Minister.

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