Thursday, 21 March 2019
20 Oct
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It was declared by Acting Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine Sergiy Kurykin during a press conference “On matters of peat fires on the territory of Kyiv region”. The event was also attended by Chairman of the State Ecological Inspectorate Andriyy Zaika and acting director of Department of emergency response of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine Borys Savynskyy.

Government officials emphasized that the fires in natural ecosystems are associated with excessive air temperature, which has been staying for a long time in the state, whereas the precipitation is 30 % of the norm. These weather conditions have led to the drying up of natural, artificial reservoirs and reclamation channels. Compared to the average long-term indicators, the level of groundwater has decreased from 1 to 2 meters.

Other causes of this type of fire include the improper maintenance of land plots by their owners in the necessary fire safety condition; arsons, disguised as careless handling of fire. That is why I appeal to all citizens requesting to observe fire safety rules during agricultural work, walks to the forest. In the event of fire immediately call the Emergency via phone “101”.

“Burning of peat occurs not only because of the hot summer but, above all, because of human negligence. Prevention of fire requires not only systemic interaction of relevant services, but regular work with the population. The Ministry will make every effort to carry out this work efficiently” - Sergiy Kurykin said.

According to the data from the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, 322 personnel and 82 vehicles of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine are currently involved in extinguishing of smoldering peat centers in Kyiv region. To raise the efficiency the suppression forces from garrisons of Kyiv, Zhytomyr and Chernihiv regions were additionally involved. The cooperation with local authorities is established. Every day, involving the aircrafts the State Emergency Service of Ukraine the aerial reconnaissance is carried out to monitor the situation.

“The most difficult situation in Kievo-Svyatoshynskyy, Obukhivskyy, Borodianskyy, Vyshgorodskyy districts. It was Bilogorodka village of Kievo-Svyatoshynskyy district, where the largest smoldering peat center on the area of 18.4 hectares was recorded. Now all smoldering peat centers in Kyiv region are localized and we are able to have the situation under control. According to the forecast of the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center in the coming days rainy weather will prevail in Kyiv Region. This will facilitate more rapid elimination of smoldering peat centers”- Borys Savynskyy noted.

“Elimination of the problem of peat burning requires a systematic approach, so the Ministry will soon start consultations with the stakeholders of the executive authorities to develop a comprehensive program on elimination of the above mentioned problem” - Acting Minister emphasized.

According to the data from Chief Directorates of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service in Kiev and Kyiv region, currently in Kyiv region the exceeding of the maximum permissible concentration of sulfur dioxide in air is recorded in Vyshgorod and Boryspil districts. However, this excess doesn’t pose threat to human health. Mornings and evenings, when dispersion deteriorates and the accumulation of pollutants in the surface layer of the atmosphere arises, children, pregnant women, people suffering from cardiovascular and respiratory diseases should limit their stay in the open air. One should also close windows in houses and perform conditioning of room air, if possible.

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