22 Oct
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Being a part of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and Kyoto Protocol to it, Ukraine makes a consistent contribution into climate change combatting. Serhii Kurykin informed about it during a briefing in the Press Center of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.


In 1990 Ukraine occupied the 6th place globally in terms of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions, following the USA, China, Canada, Russian Federation and Germany. Within the years of independency our country made the greatest contribution into global GHG reduction – 10.2 bln. tons comparing with the emissions volume permitted by the Kyoto Protocol.

The achieved reduction was mostly due to the decrease in GDP, population, social life standards of people. Generally, such environmental contribution was equal to USD 80-100 bln., significantly exceeding the country`s debt burden. However, Ukraine paid the price from the social and economic accounts allowing a serious imbalance in the national sustainable development policy to be implemented based on EU standards level.

Having incurred quantitative obligations under the Kyoto protocol till 2012, Ukraine achieved certain success in the issues of climate changes; in particular, 5 Assigned Amount Unit (AAU) Sales Agreements were concluded with the following contractors:

-        New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (Japanese state company under the Ministry of Economy of Japan, NEDO);

-        Three Japanese energy generating companies;

-        Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment of Spain.

Serhii Kurykin informed that, due to liquidation of the State Ecological Investment Agency, in March, 2015 the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources assumed the functions related to implementation of green investment projects with Japanese private energy generating companies under the AAU Sales Agreements which provided that the funds availability period had been over on December 31, 2014. Under the AAU Sales Agreements, the remaining funds should have been returned to the Japanese party. However, as a result of complicated negotiations held within March-August, 2015 the Ministry convinced two private Japanese energy generating companies to continue the cooperation with the Ukrainian party and to prolong for the third time the period of the remaining funds availability till February 29, 2016. The negotiations with the third private Japanese energy generating company are still in progress.

The Ministry considered the possibility of implementing different projects (from a range of framework projects approved earlier with contractors); but due to the final project implementation term (February 29, 2016) determined by the Japanese party, the parties concluded that the most suitable option was to implement the project on replacement of existing light fixtures with LED-based light fixtures, since they had a short implementation term and did not depend on weather conditions, in comparison, for instance, with facades insulation projects approved earlier. Thus, 53 light fixture replacement projects were approved.

Besides, within February-March, 2015 the Ministry was holding complicated negotiations with NEDO relating prolongation of the funds availability term. Based on the results, the parties could find a consensus, and on March 24, 2015 they signed an Agreement on prolongation of the remaining funds availability term to complete implementation of the project on technical re-equipment of 348 cars of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and to implement II stage of Kyiv subway wagons renovation project (25 wagons) by October 31, 2015.

As of today, the project on technical re-equipment of 348 cars of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine transferred to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and used by the Patrol Police of Ukraine is completed.

Also, on October 13 the formal opening of the first 5 wagons within II stage of Kyiv subway wagons renovation project took place. The remaining 20 wagons will be renovated by the end of 2015. Besides, negotiations are being held relating approval of renovation of additionally 10 Kyiv subway wagons.