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Reserved Nature - Ukraine’s Pride
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On 10 June 2014, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine (MENR), with the assistance of European Union Project “Complimentary Support to the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine in the Sector Budget Support iplementation” and involving nature-conservation NGOs, held a second press tour for journalists to Mezynskyi National Nature Park situated in the North-East area of Chernihiv oblast, in Koropskyi districts.

The main goal of the press tour was to engage mass media into cooperation for raising up people’s patriotism and love to their country by means of informing about uniqueness of Ukraine’s protected nature in the territories of the nature reserve fund.

Mezynskyi Park belongs to the range of 48 national nature parks of Ukraine. Its name is associated with the Mezynskyi Upper Palaeolithic encampment discovered in the area. The encampment belongs to the most ancient and interesting ones in the Eastern Europe. The artefacts suggest that humans settled at the Park territory about 20 thousand years ago.

The Mezynskyi Park covers a part of the Desna River valley with its picturesque landscapes. The range of local flora includes some unique plants of Ukraine with largest and smallest flowers, salvinia water plants that already existed in the Jurassic period and mountainous ferns. The local fauna is represented by various unique insects, fishes, birds and the largest local mammals – elks.

In early Summer seasons, local "Middle Ages" ferryboats traditionally start operating. On the occasion of journalists visit, local children offered a possibility for them to participate in a master-class on indigenous pottery and hand painting in the open air, on Desna grasslands.

All participants attended these events including ferryboat’s trip by themselves and took part in them, saw one of the cleanest European river, felt the ancient past and the unique natural settings and got a closer look on the Mezynskyi National Natural Park.

“To bring the state of environment closer to the European Union standards, the Law on the Strategy of the State Environmental Policy of Ukraine till 2020 sets the task of enlarging the protected areas to 15% of the country’s territory, while it constitutes currently only 6 % of it”, - said Nastia Drapaliuk, Official of the MENR’s Department of Protected Areas.


Protected areas are a proud of Ukraine. Watch it, respect it, love it, help it.


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