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21 Mar
Andriy Mohnyk met with Graham Tiley, Shell Vice President for Exploration and Production in Ukraine.
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On March 21, 2014 the Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine Andriy Mohnyk met with Graham Tiley, Shell Vice President for exploration and production in Ukraine, CEO of Shell companies  in Ukraine.

During the meeting, they discussed the current issues of the energy sector of Ukraine, technological security, environmental protection and the nearest plans to improve the legal regulation of exploration and production of hydrocarbons, especially unconventional hydrocarbons.

"There are some concerns of the public about the possible environmental consequences of the development of unconventional hydrocarbons in Ukraine. Primarily,  the questions arise from ignorance of people about a number of laws regulating this activity clearly. It is very important to inform the community, because otherwise there are many problems that may ultimately affect the cooperation between Ukraine and investors", Andriy Mohnyk emphasized.

"One of the current topics is the need for adoption of new development rules for oil and gas fields and implementation of monitoring of the environment at the expense of investors during execution of works. So, the public can quickly track the status of water and air in the process of investors. This will help the community to ensure that the exploration and production of hydrocarbons are possible in an environmentally responsible manner", said the representative of Shell.

The head of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine assured foreign partners that Agreements which were signed on behalf of our country, remain in force and Ukraine will fulfill its obligations.

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