02 Dec
Deputy Minister – Head of Staff Sushko Oleksandr took part in the IV All-Russian Meeting for Environment
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On December the 2nd, 2013 IV All-Russian Meeting for Environment had started in Moscow (Russian Federation). Opening of the meeting was performed by the Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Russian Federation Dobskoi Sergiy.

Program of the Meeting include several strategic conferences, presentational sessions, panel discussions on the ecological topics with participation of the leading international specialists in this area, particularly the Minister of the Environment Protection of the Republic of Kazahstan Kapparov N.D., Director of the Environment Protection Policy Department at WWF Russia Shvarz E.A., Deputy Minister of the Natural Resources and Ecology Gizatulin R.R., Deputy Minister- Head of Staff Sushko O.V., Director of the Management of Natural Resources and Environment Protection Department Kubalchevski A.O. (Moscow) and others.

In the his compliment speech Deputy Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine - Head of Staff Oleksander Sushko emphasized: “Today the world overcomes the period of the important changes. New challenges against states, governments and world leaders became the current tendency. Issues of the rational use of the nature resources and environment conservation have become topical.

Prudence of these tendencies is the determination of Concept for Stable Development as the dominant ideology of the 21st century at the UN Conference for Stable Development RIO +20.

 “Stable development of any state means such kind of functioning of its economy complex, when increasing material and nonmaterial demands of the society is satisfied simultaneously, rational and safe for environment way of management and efficient balanced use of the natural resources, favorable conditions for the humans health, conservation and restoration of the environment and natural resources potential restoration of the social production are provided” - said Oleksandr Sushko.

Practical implementation of the measures, that aimed to clarify the territory of Ukraine from the place of collection of dangerous wastes has started. Primary attention is paid to the most resonant and dangerous wastes.

During the past three years across the border of Ukraine were carried out:

-       1300 tons of the mixture “Premix”, which was illegally carried into Ukraine;

-       more than 26 000 tons of unusable pesticides

-       more than 21 000 tons of benzene hexachloride from the hazardous waste landfill in the Kalushs’kiy District in the Ivano-Frankivs’k;

-       more than 2700 tons of monochlorbenzene from the territory of the government enterprise “Zahid” (Kyiv);

-       320 tons of wastes which contains beryllium from the territory of the government enterprise “Zahid” (Kyiv);

“Implementation of these measures significantly improved the ecological condition of the territories and allowed to relieve social tension among the population. Ukraine is ready to be a reliable partner, because only by combining our efforts we can achieve the success in implementation of the principle of the stable development and facilitate ecologization of the economy, raise the welfare of the separate citizens independently from the place of residence and nationality” – said Deputy Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources – Head if Staff Sushko O.V.