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02 Dec
On December the 2nd, 2013 opening of the 59th Enlarged Meeting of International Council of the International Intergovernmental Organization “Interelectro” and “International Energy Forum – 2013” was held.
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Head of the “Interelectro” Council Buharbaev K.S., President of the International Academy of Electrotechnical Sciences, professor Altov V.A., President of the World Academy of the Integrated Safety and Security Sciences professor Lyubomov M.M., Hero of the Soviet Union, President of the Fund of Assistance to the National Projects Volk I.G. were present at the opening of the event.

Director of the Legal Department of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine Buchko V.A. and Deputy Head of the National Joint-stock Company “Naftogaz of Ukraine” represented Ukraine at the meeting.

 “I welcome you in Kyiv, where we met to celebrate 40th anniversary of the establishment of the organization that consolidated our efforts and experience in electrical and technical industries and other areas. Thank for the “Interelectro” leading representatives of the states and specialists in the technical area have come here. We are sure that our fruitful cooperation and exchange of experience among our specialists in the framework of the activity of “Interelectro” will encourage the further development of electrotechnical industry in all states-participants of the organization” – said Volodimyr Buchko in his introductory speech.

More than 70 delegates, who represent the largest industrial enterprises in the oil gas and electrotechnical area, subsurface resources management, environment protection, machinery construction and agriculture from the 25 states will participate in the venue.

Within the framework of the Meeting of the “Interelectro”  Council will be held an enlarged meeting of the Heads of the delegations of the Parties to the Agreement, signing of the international and framework agreements on economic and strategic cooperation. Issues of the improvement of the main forms of cooperation and the development of the new ways of “Interelectro” activity, rising the effectiveness of the international cooperation, the development of international processes in the economic and business areas will be discussed.

International Interstate Organization “Interelectro” and “International Energy Forum – 2013” are taking place from the 2nd to 3rd of December at the following address: 12, Gospitalna Street, “President-Hotel”.


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