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14 Nov
The Extended Session of the Coordination Council for conservation, sustainable use and remediation of the wetlands of Ukraine was held on November 14, 2013
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The Council members and Heads of the Environment and Nature Resources Departments of the regional authorities took part at the Session.

During the meeting proposals of the improvement of the international important wetlands regulating system were considered. Draft Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “Regulation on the providing the status of international importance to the wetlands and of the wetlands treatment” was discussed. Among the considered issues was the question of the wetlands treatment and providing the international importance status to it.

Presently 33 wetlands with the total area 678 000 hectares are included to the Ramsar List. Moreover, in 2011 and 2012 three Decrees of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (dated 23.02.2011 № 147, dated 21.09.2011 № 895 and 24.10 2012 № 818) concerning providing to19 Ukrainian wetlands status of international importance were adopted. All relevant documents for including the mention wetlands to the list of international importance wetlands have been already sent to the Secretariat of the Ramsar Convention

Issue of wetland treatment is the matter of high importance. During last years majority of the Ukraine’s wetlands of international importance have already been included to the Nature Reserve Fund. Creation of Wetlands Treatment System as a part of nature reserves and national nature parks promotes its protection and restoration, but it could not be enough considering negative factors that influence on wetlands, treatment of which is beyond of the nature reserve administrations competence.

During the Session the claim of the 2014 year was established by the Secretariat of the Ramsar Convention: «Wetlands and agriculture are the partners of the development”. Main aim of this claim is promotion of the importance of the wetlands as instrument for maintenance of agriculture. Wetlands are particularly important for small farms or households, which are dependent from water, soil, plants and animals.

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