External Technical Assistance

Consolidation of the efforts of the donors community to solve the priority issues in the environment sector is one of the main tasks of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine on the way of attraction of the attraction and use of the external assistance. More than 30 donors (international organizations and government of the countriase provide Ukraine with assistance in the environment protection area.

Ministry of ecology and Natural Resources activated cooperation with international organizations, such as European commission, United Nations Develoment Programme. United Nations Industrial Development Organization, International Bank of reconstruction and Development,Global Environment Facility and donor countries - Bulgaria, Poland, Netherlands, Norway, Hungary, Turkey, Sweden.

One of the new tasks is the development of the cooperation of the technical assistance issues, such as use of the new instruments of cooperation. To pursuant the Decree of the President of April, 19, 2007 №325/2007 Ukraine became a party of the Paris Declaration on AID Effectiveness and this step enable to form own policy on attraction of the foreign aid to the sector such as environment protection Area and perform effectiveness monitoring and it use.

Reports on the Project "Providing assistance to Ukraine in implementation of ESPO Convention and Aarhus Convention"

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Procurement Technical Assistance Programms
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